Welcome to the FLEXI Garden division

FLEXI Garden welcomes any landscaping projects.

Our teams of specialists and partners are at your complete disposal and offer customised solutions.

Our designs bring out the charm and elegance of your garden.

Thorough, we aim to accomplish work that will meet you expectations : “Your satisfaction is Our satisfaction”.

FLEXI Garden is:

  • The respect and sharing of FLEXI’s values
  • Integrating innovation into tradition
  • Organised and timely projects
  • Total transparancy through frequent feedbacks
  • A trustworthy team meeting your every needs

FLEXI Garden key figures

  • 90 000 m² of lawns and meadows
  • 150 000 m² of dripping watering systems
  • Over 200 000 plants, trees ans bushes planted

Tailor made projects

Closely liaising with you, we are able to design tailor made creations.

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